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Mayem Biodiversity Atlas

Updated: May 15

Yesterday was the culmination of two years of our hard work that went into building the Mayem Biodiversity Atlas, which is India’s first Village Biodiversity Atlas. We were honoured to have Honourable Chief Minister of Goa @drpramodpsawant and Honourable MLA of Mayem, Shri. @premendrashetofficial unveil the atlas report, an illustrated atlas and the most important piece the digital version of the atlas that’s hosted on @aero’s website We wish to thank Mayem Panlot Sangh, Mayem- Vainguinim Biodiversity Management Committee and Mayem-Vainguinim Panchayat for putting their faith in us to make Mayem Village an example for the entire country! We are also thankful to @dr.pradipsarmokadam sir for all the support to AERO over the years! As Hon. CM has directed us, we will now scale up this model starting with the Goa Bird Atlas and will make our state a model for the entire country!

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