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Welcome to the Mayem Biodiversity Atlas

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Village Panchayat Mayem-Vainguinim

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The Mayem Biodiversity Atlas is an ambitious project, that was initiated and driven by, Mayem Panlot Sangh (MPS), Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) of Mayem-Vainguinim and Village Panchayat of Mayem-Vainguinim Government of Goa. This project was scientifically and technically supported by Arannya Environment Research Organisation. In a yearlong effort from 2021-22, six different wild biodiversity elements, that include plants (all life forms), mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies where surveyed following standard scientific protocols. This data was then aggregated as one square kilometer grids and is represented as an atlas.  In the online version of this biodiversity atlas, information of mammals and reptiles have been masked from public output to safeguard sensitive species. Mayem-Vainguinim is the first village in India to create an online biodiversity atlas that brings scientifically accurate biodiversity information to public at the click of a button! 

Project Lead: Mr Sakharam Pednekar - Chairperson of BMC & MPS

Project Manager: Mrs. Harshada Satchidanand Gauns - MPS & AERO

Scientific Advisor: Dr. Pronoy Baidya - AERO

Project Team: Mrs. Siddhi Gad, Mr. Shivcharan Gauns, Mr. Jagannath Phadte

Multimedia Team: Mr. Amit Raj, Mr. Sumit Raj, Mr. Tanvesh Chari, Mr.Gautam Borkar

Project Volunteers: Ms. Shubha Kauthankar, Ms. Sona Gaonkar, Ms.Tejashri Mahale, Mr.Shiva Gosavi, Ms. Vaibhavi Naik, Ms. Saiely Shirvankar, Ms. Krutika Kerkar, Ms. Kanti Sawant, Ms. Samruddhi Vaigankar

Have Questions?

If you have any queries about this project or would want to replicate this effort in your area of interest, please get in touch with us at

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