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Spreading Happiness on Wildlife Week 2018

On the occasion of Wildlife Week 2018, AERO spent a quite and exciting day with the children of Matruchaya Trust Ponda, Goa and took the joys of nature and environment education to these kids. In a week long exercise, AERO organised a poster making competition for the children under two age categories on the theme "Goa and Wildlife" which saw 30 entries from the children and helped us understand Goa's natural resources and wildlife, through the eyes of these children. The competition was judged by Mr. Mandar Bhagat, well known bird watcher and author of many important ornithology publications from Goa.

An indoor session on Goa and its Environment continued after facilitation of the children which saw active participation from them. Many raised some thought provoking questions about environment security and future of Goa's wildlife which led to good discussion with the children present.

Indoor Session Conducted by Harshada Gauns

The indoor session was followed by the most awaited hour of the day, which was the evening bird watching session which had all the children enthusiastically line up to catch a glimpse of their neighbouring nesting Brahminy Kite pair and the friendly singer Oriental Magpie Robin. The children were all smiles at the end of an exciting hour of seeing birds and butterflies up close and assured us to take care of the bird bath that was gifted to them.

An Oriental Magpie Robin being watched Trying to spot the Sunbirds A closer look at the Brahminy Kite Chicks All Smiles after watching Birds

As a part of this outreach, AERO had appealed to all caring people of Goa to help these children by providing them with books that they would put to use. This appeal was met with tremendous support from all quarters of the state with call for donation of books flooding us. AERO donated every book given to us to the Matruchaya Trust's library. Children were especially happy looking through the colourful Sanctuary Asia Magazines that were donated. AERO is eternally great-full to Pradnya Mayekar, Mithilesh Upadhyay, Ravalika Sannisetty, Joshua D'Silva, Paresh Gossavi, Dipika Parab Gauns, Shivcharan Gauns, Triveni Gawas, Kunal Parab, Shambhavi Gadgil, Neeraj Amarnani and Archana Gaonkar who helped us put smiles on the faces of these children and helped us make a difference.

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