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Wildlife Week 2022: Awareness and Education program at Dayanand High School, Chorao

Awareness inculcated at a young age about appreciation and empathy towards wildlife goes a long way toward protection and conservation of nature and wildlife. Towards this end, Goa Forest Department – Campal Range, in collaboration with Arannya Environment Research Organisation conducted a wildlife awareness and education program, at Dayanand High School, Chorao. The program was structured around the wildlife of Goa and was conducted by Ms. Harshada S. Gauns from Arannya Environment Research Oranisation. Students were educated about the theme through various activities and a small presentation including short films about the menace of pollution and its ill effects on wildlife. The program was well received by the students who pledged to work in their own ways and make small contributions towards wildlife protection and conservation.

Harshada Gauns with students of Dayanand High School, Chorao.

Harshada Gauns conducting an activity with students.

Harshada with the headmistrss of school and forest department officers.

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