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#NoSUP in collaboration with JCI Ponda

Saving the environment and future of Humanity and Wildlife needs a constant on ground work of awareness and monitoring of newly brought changes with dedication. And this is where Arannya jumps in with a unique idea of an awareness campaign, achieved at the small scale business houses like Sugarcane Juice sellers, Lemonades sellers and general stores in a selected area shouted out as #NoSUP. This means No Single-Use Plastic and thus this was Arannya's 2nd #NoSUP campaign.

After Old Goa, on 26th May 2019, the second campaign was held at Ponda Bus-stand in collaboration with JCI Ponda.

The campaign was a great success with our network members outputs and efforts thus we could reach to more than 10 local businesses with our message of #NoSUP. The display banner which we always tie at the shops, promises the after-effects of the campaign to create awareness to the public and customers with unique messages and concept.

Team Arannya with members of JCI Ponda

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