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Wipro Earthian X AERO

We are happy to share with everyone, that Arannya Environment Research Organisation has partnered with Wipro earthian initiative of Wipro Foundation as Sustainability Educators. We are the first Non-Governmental Organisation from Goa to be given this opportunity to work with the foundation for the coming years. We will share more exciting news with everyone in the coming days!

The Wipro Sustainability Educator Program was launched as an initiative to support grassroots environment educators across India. This program aims to create the most broad-based and effective Sustainability Educator Network in the country, which will be deeply engaged in stewarding Sustainability Education in schools through engagement at scale. Wipro Earthian has created a robust capacity building ecosystem of domain-specific workshops/training programs. These focus on specific areas like facilitation skills, stakeholder engagement and workshops to enhance domain knowledge.

To know more about Wipro Earthian Initiative

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