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Wetland Bird Trail Delight

Welcoming winter migrants to the lush wetlands of Goa! 🌿 On December 10th, we embarked on an exciting journey with a group of eager bird enthusiasts to explore the vibrant world of wetland birds at Carambolim lake. 🕊️ From feathered friends gracefully gliding across the water to the sweet melodies echoing through the reeds, it was a magical experience!A big shoutout to all the students who joined us, their enthusiasm for learning about our avian neighbors truly warmed our hearts. 📚💚 Together, we celebrated the beauty of biodiversity and the importance of preserving these natural habitats.Swipe left to catch a glimpse of our feathered companions and the joyous moments from our wetland bird trail. 📸✨ Let's continue to spread awareness and appreciation for our winged wonders! 🌏🦢 #WetlandBirdTrail #GoaWildlife #NatureEducation #BirdWatchingAdventures

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